Sarah Pirrie

email: sarah.pirrie@cdu.edu.au
mob:   61 406 574 630
link:    pirrie gallery and residency
web:   www.pirrie.space

                    Sarah Pirrie works across a conceptual, site-responsive and often collaborative art practice that incorporates drawing, sculpture, installation, events and public interventions. Pirrie’s work has referenced a range of social and environmental issues and is often shaped by local activity and phenomena.

Sarah Pirrie has exhibited extensively in solo and group gallery exhibitions in Australia since 1995 including solo exhibitions (2017) Coastal Links, Northern Territory Library, Creative in Residence; (2014) Terraforming at Nomad Gallery, Darwin;  and (2012) Runoff at Northern Centre for Contemporary Art. Pirrie has contributed to a number of group exhibitions including (2018) Hadley’s Art Prize, Tasmania, (2018) Tidal18 City of Devonport National Art Award,Tasmania,  (2018) Biennale of Australian Art (BOAA), Lake Wendouree, (2017)Sediments: Karen Mills and Sarah Pirrieat Cross Art Projects, Sydney,  (2016) Waiting for Water, simulations exhibitions at Nan Giese Gallery, Darwin, Watch this Space, Alice Springs and  Pumphouse Point, Tasmania, (2015) SECRET WORLD: Carnivorous plants of the Howard sand sheets at Nomad Art, (2014) 135th Meridian East curated by André Lawrence at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF), (2014) Botanica & Botanica 2 curated by Cath Bowdler touring Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre and Chan Contemporary Art Space, (2014) Made to Last- the conservation of art curated by Sherryn Vardy and Anita Angel at Charles Darwin University Art Gallery, (2013) Art or Cunning? curated by Alice Buscombe at Watch this Space, (2012) Art on Wheels, curated by Siying Zhou throughout Darwin City, (2011) Cuttings, curated by Rosemary Joy at Linden Contemporary Art Space.

Sarah Pirrie’s collaborations commenced with the establishment of Aphids in 1994. Since then Pirrie has worked on many interarts projects including (2014) Temporary Territory, Darwin Festival Event collaborating with Simon Cooper and Jakarta based Arts Collective Ruangrupa, (2013) Hidden/Pulse Disturbance by Stray (collaborative team of Sarah Pirrie and Natasha Anderson) at Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA), (2009)The States; three day performance/installation with composer Erik Griswold and author Craig Foltz at the Judith Wright Centre, (2003) Revelations, multimedia performance/installation with Natasha Anderson, Robin Fox, Elizabeth Parsons and Erkki Veltheim at the Organs of the Goldfields Festival, (2002) Permanent Transit collaboration with composer Erik Griswold and author Craig Foltz, PATU Studio, University of Adelaide, South Australia, (2001)Other Planes, collaborative with Erik Griswold for the Sydney Spring Festival at The Studio, Sydney Opera House

Since Aphids 1998 joint curatorial project Ricefields, Sarah Pirrie has continued to develop curatorial exhibitions including her congoing contribution We Eat We Are, (2018-21) SparkNT Curator for ArtbackNT. In 2015 Pirrie co-curated Counting tidelines, featuring seven female indigenous artists from Northern Territory and Tasmania and in 2012 Pirrie was one of six curators for Art of the Nomads exhibited at Chan Contemporary Art Space, NT.