The States

-> Collaboration with composer Erik Griswold and author/poet Craig Foltz, Included Bundanon Residency and 3 day performance/installation Judith Wright Centre of contemporary Art, Brisbane.

The States is the third multimedia collaboration of writer Craig Foltz, composer Erik Griswold and artist Sarah Pirrie. Performers include: Alison St. Leger & Foltz - voices, Nicholas Ng - erhu, Steve Newcomb & Griswold - keyboards, Joel Stern - homemade instruments & electronics.

Video shot by Simon Wearne, edited by E.G. www.clockedout.org

-> Reviews
    Clocked Out: The States by Liam Flenady, 2009
    Expat reverie greg hooper: the states. RealTime issue # 94 Dec-Jan 2009

Vocalist: Alison St. Leger