to bare witness faithfully

Refugia, 2019, Nan Giese Gallery, Curated by Dr Ian Hance

Pneumatophore root, material found on East Point wrack-line after Cyclone Marcus, mattress foam block.
entanglement of spiralling need: to bare witness faithfully 

Walking East Point the day after Cyclone Marcus revealed the stress points between the natural and the constructed. Fallen trees lined the strained and fatigued landscape of roads and paths. Uprooted with bollards attached, they formed a decoupled avenue of similitude; branch to root: root to branch, brown to green: green to brown. Neatly disordered all in a row.

Down on the beach a fresh wrack of brightly coloured mangrove leaves littered the aligning tideline. Branches, freshly cut, ensnared with their long held burdens; fishing lines and cloth used by the coastal homeless. Uprooted and misplaced, survival is an entanglement of spiralling need.

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